Ainsworth & bad guys

English bad guys come in all flavors in the Victorian era

William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882) was an English historical novelist born. As a lawyer, the legal profession held no attraction for him. In 1820, Ainsworth began to publish his writing then later writing plays. Praising Ainsworth as a playwright it was said that he rivaled George Gordon Byron. During his time Ainsworth was contributed works to The European Magazine and other magazines.
His first success as a writer came with Rookwood in 1834, which features Dick Turpin as its leading character. Thirty-nine novels followed.
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Jack Sheppard was a real person and also a novel by William Harrison Ainsworth. John “Jack” Sheppard (1702 – 1724) or “Honest Jack” was a notorious English thief and prison escapee in the early 18th-century London. Jonathan Wild (1683-1725) was a criminal cop in London obsessed with Jack Sheppard. Wild’s hatred was the undoing of both men.
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Jonathan Wild (1683-1725) was a criminal cop in London. He was a man of justice by day, and leader of a criminal empire. He became obsessed with Jack Sheppard known as Honest Jack, a notorious English thief and prison escapee. The obsession was Wild’s downfall as did gang members beganing to turn evidence on him.
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