Ancient Greeks

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570-495 BC


Pythagoras of Greece (570 to 495 BC). He was the first true mathematician. He believed that all things have personalities and colors.
484-425 BC

Homer, Greek poet

Homer (484–425 BC) was the ancient Greek poet and author of epic poems. He influenced Western ideas and thought.
470-399 BC


Socrates was born in Athens Greece. He was a teacher, a philosopher and the founder of moral and of Western philosophy. His student Plato mentored Aristotle who mentored Alexander the Great.
427–347 BC


Plato is considered the Western world’s most influential philosopher and founded it’s 1st higher learning academy.
384-322 BC


Our concepts of words like energy and form come from Aristotle who is the founder of western philosophy.
365-300 BC


A Greek mathematician Euclid is the founder or father of geometry and developed Euclidean geometry.
356-323 BC

Alexander the Great

By endless military campaigning Alexander amassed a great empire throughout Africa and Asia and India.
287-211 BC


Archimedes was a Greek genius, inventor and mathematician. He developed the study of hydrostatics.
247-184 BC

Hannibal of Carthage

Hannibal of Carthage one of the greatest military commanders in history. His campaign crossing the Alps with war elephants in one of the most dramatic events in ancient warfare.