Volodymyr the Great

Grand Prince of Kiev

Volodymyr the Great, Vladimir the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev

Vladimir the first or Volodymyr the Great (956-1015) was born Volodymyr Sviatoslavycht. His father was Prince Sviatoslav the first of Kiev of the Rurik dynasty. Vladimir was Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev and the ruler of Kievan Rus from 980 to 1015. He was the first to mint his own coins, putting the trident, his mark on the coins. The trident is on the Ukraine coat of arms.

Vladimir brought Christianity to Kievan Rus. Both Kiev & Moscow have statues of Vladimir the Great, though Moscow didn’t exist until the 12th ctry, two centuries after Vladimir’s death.

Putin claims a strong connection to the Prince. They do have the same first name, but then so does Ukraine President Zelensky. Putin sees himself as powerful royalty like the medieval prince.

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